Sunday, February 25, 2001

Finest Computer Companies

There are lots of brands of laptops and desktops available in today's market that makes it very hard in choosing the best brand which suits your preferences. Both laptops and desktops are widely-known computers which have been quite important for everyday use and tasks. Here are the top three most recommended brands, if you want to know the best computer brands today:

1) Apple - Apple is a well-liked company whose creation of the prominent Macbooks and Macs has made it only more popular among ordinary users and businessmen as well. iMacs have huge screens with such an impressive high quality resolution. The size reaches around 20 inches. Mac Pros are top-quality computers with an expensive price of around $3000 or more due to its outstanding specifications such as great processors for very fast speed. Lightweight computers are suitable for those who like bringing their computers outside. Macbook and Macbook Pro which has good specifications such as DVD or CD-RW drives, built-in webcams, and graphic cards that are best for enjoying video games and playback of DVD.

2) Hewlett Packard - Hewlett Packard is still a highly competitive computer brand in line with other top brands. The reasons why many users like it so much is because it has various affordable prices and expensive ones as well. Hewlett Packard offers computers with maximum performance at a reasonable price. There are different kinds of desktops offered suited to various customer preferences. They offer desktops for different reasons such as personal home entertainment, business, etc.

3) Sony - For users who prefer Windows operating systems and personal computers, Sony Vaio is best recommended. There have been recent new laptop and desktop models with great designs matched with impressive performance. Sony has developed superb desktops with wireless feature. Some of the features of Vaio laptops include built-in webcams, sleek designs, sharper screens and optional Blu-Ray players.

The list above is by no means comprehensive and just serves as an easy guideline to enhance your knowledge and choices when it comes to computer brands.

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